Xpresso turns ideas into action !

Management Reports

Finance, Sales and Distribution

Dashboards and Drilldown

Build dashboards with drilldown easily

Reconciliation Reports

Ideal for monthly reconciliation Reports

Budgeting and Forecasting

Build Budgeting and Forecasting Reports and Dashboards


Build Financial and Operational Models from integrated and disparate data sources

Excel Productivity Tool

Simplify, automate spreadsheet Reports

The Solution

Xpresso is a powerful data extraction and reporting framework for MS Excel.
Xpresso integrates directly with your ERP, other Database Systems and MS Excel to facilitate End User Data Extraction and Reporting.



The Xpresso framework facilitates and optimizes the Financial, Sales and Logistical Analysis and Reporting processes. Xpresso inspires and empowers all accounting, sales, logistical and manufacturing personnel to add more value to their job functions and to achieve significant increases in productivity by eliminating most of the non value adding activities and resources that are necessitated by contemporary ERP and Database Reporting Systems.​


Businesses strive for continued improvement and improved control in their financial, sales and logistical processes. However, often these companies find themselves increasingly spending more and more money and time on an ongoing basis and with out achieving their objectives.


All companies that have implemented Xpresso will testify to it’s success. Further proof of the effectiveness of Xpresso is that all personnel in companies that have implemented the Xpresso framework have, and continue to, been able to respond quickly when reporting needs arise and Xpresso reports are easily and quickly adapted to the ever changing business requirements.



A Comprehensive, Integrated Solution

Xpresso provides a set of powerful and secure data access and reporting tools, all of which are fully integrated with the JD Edwards ERP System and MS Excel. Another big benefit is Xpresso extends the same powerful functionality to any other database/operational system your company may have, making it an enterprise solution.​


Multi-Dimensional Drill Down, Slicing and Data Analysis

​ Provides users with the drill down functionality from their reports and dashboaqrds. Create multi-dimensional drill down views from your reports and dashboards. Customise and save your own personal drill-down and data analysis viewing preferences.


Empower your workforce to achieve more

Design mini Business Applications that go beyond mere reports to aid in the decision making process.


Bringing various diverse systems together

 From a single report, data is updated from all the various systems. Xpresso has enabled the Finance department to successfully calculate the complex funding requirements for the various business units.


Adapt to Meet Your Changing Reporting Needs

 You can set up and configure Xpresso quickly, and as your business grows, you can adapt and customize the software to meet your changing needs. For instance, with its report design tool set and ready-to-go functions that have been built into Xpresso, you can customize and extend Xpresso to meet your specific reporting challenges. ​



The Xpresso Toolbar
- The Xpresso toolbar with it's pop-up menu's are simple, easy and intuative to use
- Provides a central point to manage the administration of all reports, tables and drilldown views


Kits and Workbenches
- Report Designer Kit, including the data interface and user interface application program interfaces and tables
- Report Formatting Workbench
- Report Drill down search assistance
- Report Automation Workbench
- All Kits, Workbenches and interfaces are full integration with the Microsoft Excel® software


- Data Designer Kit. Create your own data view sets from one or more data tables
- Drill Down Data Designer Kit
- The Data designer and Drill Down designer Kits are intergrated with your ERP and operational database systems


- Report Calculation Workbench
- Report Conversion Workbench
- Report Printing Workbench


- Central Settings Control Application
- Solution Explorer Designer Workbench
- Excel Events Designer Workbench


- User Manual

The Solution