About Us

The Innovix Technology Group (Pty) Ltd. was founded in 1991, as an innovative Software Solutions development company.

Our mission in business is to:

Assist you in achieving your business vision by combining our understanding of your business environment and requirements with the latest best-of-breed software technologies to develop innovative and cost effective software solutions that will drive and add significant value to your core business processes;

by providing you, our clients, with Innovative Software Solutions.

Our Software Solutions are developed by people with extensive software consulting experience on business processes across a diverse spectrum of industries. From our earliest days our clients have recognised the large contribution that our Innovative Software Solutions have made to their businesses.

The Xpresso reporting framework was developed and driven by requests from our clients for a true end user focused " In Excel " reporting tool that integrated seamlessly with Excel; was easy, intuitive and non-technical to use and that gave them full end to end control over the creation, management and use of their reports.

Our Core Values

- Integrity. Respect. Honesty. Trust.
- Processes. Technology
- Innovation. Solutions
- Achievement. Value

Client Industries

- Construction
- Banking and Financial Services
- Distribution and Logistics
- Healthcare Insurance
- Manufacturing
- Mining

What our clients say

We pride ourselves on providing a superior product but you don't just have to take our word for it.
Read what companies have to say about working with Xpresso in the client testimonials below.


Financial Director of Securities division


"... Xpresso is especially usefull in bringing various diverse systems together, from our ERP and Broker Systems as well as other databases. From a single report, data is updated from all the various systems. Xpresso has enabled the Finance department to successfully calculate the complex funding requirements for the various business units..."


National Operations Manager of Sales and Distribution


"... Xpresso reports are easily and quickly adapted to the ever changing business requirements. DMF has been able to complete more reporting projects than before as a result of Xpresso's ease of use and productivity benefits ..."


Financial Director of Building and Allied Construction


‚Äč".. Reporting with Xpresso is flexible and dynamic. Xpresso's seamless integration with MS Excel provides business and scenario modelling capabilities in addition to creating application solutions consisting of many different data presentations. Xpresso allowed controlled yet extensive, simplified and simultaneous access to numerous data soruces ..."

The Solution