Unique Xpresso Features

that will create value for your business


Extend the value of your ERP business data and MS Excel functionality

Go beyond reporting

Beyond simple and complex reports, users can create mini reporting and analytical applications

Drill down

Multi-dimensional drilldown speeds up information sweet spot insight and simplifies navigating the detail behind the numbers

Toolsets and Wizards

Accelerate and simplify data provisioning and report design and management

Solution Explorer

Provides a top-down understanding of report flow and makes navigating report sections a breeze

Reporting Framework

Allows users to design reports that extract data from various different data sources into the same report

Our Skills and Services

Sleek, easy to use software are our forte. We cater for large corporate or SME reporting needs. Our software is unique and by using the latest technologies we are able to provide a quick turnover. With 30 years of experience in Enterprise Reporting and Planning (ERP) we are able to work quickly and cost-effectively. Most jobs take less than a week, so you could be up and running quicker than you think!
Our services span from the proof-of-concept, planning, implementation, training and continues with after sales support.
We like to stay with our customers and to grow with them. Technology is changing and so is business. We support our solutions and platform long-term, so that your decision to work with us is a long-term decision and the start of a successful business-relationship. We work with our customers in a community and we also coordinate our work so that improvements we do on one system will benefit other systems. Our philosophy in customer communication and service is to be pro-active and have ongoing consulting so that you can concentrate on your business, while we take care of your system needs and support your business decisions.

Why People like Xpresso?

Xpresso's unique reporting framework makes designing report quick and simple.

It's flexability allows users to design reports that meet their unique reporting requirements.

A non-technical user can design or change a report in minutes.

Users gain full control over the management of their reports.

Xpresso comes complete with many components and functionality needed to help you build almost any kind of report.

No need to spend huge amounts of time writing complex SQL Server or VB macro code.

Xpresso's unique Drill Down Data and Pivot Grid functionality is easy to use and intuative.

It speeds up information sweet spot insight and navigating underlying data.

Customise your own unique drill down and pivot grid views once and re-use.

Allows users to create interactive mini reporting and data analysis applications.

Great for "What-If" analysis, Board Packs, Activity Based Costing Models and Reconciliations etc.

Xpresso is affordable to implement and own.

Empower more people in your organisation.

Save costs by writing and maintaining your own reports, no need for consultants.

Rapid return on investment!

The Solution